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The Story Story Universe

Get in on the illuminating power of Story Story Night—the storytelling nonprofit phenomenon that lights up the Boise community and beyond every month with electric real-life stories. All centered on a theme. Told live and without notes. We’ve got a range of membership levels that give you great perks and access. We offer up a limited-space opportunity to support a show, a season, a studio, or the entire shebang. And we even give fist bumps for tax-deductible donations. Show your support. Then make a real show of it.


Option 1

$ 20
  • 1 ticket to all live shows

Option 2

$ 35
  • 2 tickets to all live shows
  • 1 Story Story Studio workshop registration

Option 3

$ 70
  • 4 tickets for all live shows
  • 2 Story Story Studio workshop registrations
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