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The City of Boise Cultural Ambassador program is designed to share Boise’s cultural and creative community with other cities across the globe and foster connection to global audiences. Acting as Boise’s honorary representative to the world, the Cultural Ambassador engages with national and international audiences through the public expression of culture that helps develop, document, research, share, or reflect upon Boise’s cultural life.

At the 2023 Mayor’s Awards for Excellence in Arts & History, Boise Mayor Lauren McLean named Story Story Night the City of Boise Cultural Ambassador for 2024 and 2025.

Since 2010, Story Story Night has remained rooted to its mission to build community and inspire meaningful connection through authentic storytelling, fostering powerful personal and cultural connections that change lives. 

An art form that holds a place in every society, storytelling is a public expression of culture, serving to preserve and transmit knowledge, strengthen cultural identity, and honor historical narratives. 

By providing a dynamic platform for individuals to share contemporary narratives reflective of Boise’s rich history and the evolving culture of our society, Story Story Night celebrates the commonality and diversity of the Boise community through the art of presenting true stories told live, onstage by extraordinary individuals. 

“Story Story Night is honored to be selected as the Cultural Ambassador for the City of Boise,” said Jodi Eichelberger, Artistic Director. “While an important vehicle for influence and change, the real ambassadors who will represent the culture of this city are the brave storytellers from our community who stand on our stages to share their true-life experiences of life in Boise. We’ve been amplifying these stories for over a decade, and with this recognition our combined voices just got louder.”

“Our stories, our cultural history are so important,” said Boise Mayor Lauren McLean. “As we work to become a City for Everyone, we must welcome and uplift the perspectives, contributions, and voices of historically underrepresented communities, often unheard or worse, silenced, while we develop a thriving creative economy. That’s one of the reasons I am so proud to name Story Story Night as the city’s Cultural Ambassador to help tell the extraordinary resilience of everyday Boiseans.”

Today, serving as an anchor organization within Boise’s thriving cultural scene, Story Story Night is devoted to cultural and educational events that celebrate the city’s distinct character and the richness and diversity of human experiences, promoting inclusivity and cross-cultural dialogue. 

As the 2024-2025 Cultural Ambassador, Story Story Night looks forward to expanding opportunities for creative collaboration and connection in both community and education programming, continuing a deep commitment to sharing and strengthening Boise’s vibrant, culturally rich, and resilient community, one story at a time.