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Intermixed into the vibe of every Main Season and Late-Night show is the open story slam. When you enter the room, you’ll see a hat (or some such vessel) with red tickets right by it. Write your name on the back of one of these tickets, drop it into the vessel, and you’re in the running to tell a five minute story on the Night’s theme.

The host draws five or more names randomly from the hat at some point during the show. You’ll also have a chance to brave up and submit your name during the intermission. Our musician warns slammers when their time is out, and they need to quickly wrap it up. Prizes go to all who dare step on stage.


Preparation is power. Shape the arch of your story in advance. Does it hold dramatic tension? Do the details sizzle? Does it fit the time limit?

#1: True that. Your story should be about a real experience that happened to you, told without notes.

#2: Ride the story wave. Your story needs a beginning, middle, and end. At Story Story Night, we also call this the launch, turning point, and land (or take-away).

#3: Just theme it. Your story needs to stay on theme. Somehow, someway.

#4: Time out. Your story should be 5 minutes or less. When at 5 minutes, our musician will play a tune to encourage you to wrap it up.